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Ask to Dr. Mikki Gupta

Is there a treatment for pimples? Acne / pimples is very much treatable and must be dealt with in its early stages. Depending on the severity of the pimples they can be treated with cleansers, topical medications and oral medicines. The process can further be hastened with various peels and procedures. Can laser improve acne […]


Ask to Swati Gupta

What do you suggest for hair fall? There is no off-the-shelf recommendation I can make for hairfall control. It can be attributed to various reasons which can be internal and external. If the hairfall has persisted for a long period of time it’s best to consult your Dermatologist/Gynecologist and get some hormonal tests done and […]


Babor Fluids FP ‘Crash’ Treatment Review

Thinking it’s time to take care of your skin more seriously? For most, it is sparkled by a sudden skin concern like the first time you noticed fine lines on your skin or maybe, you are experiencing blemished skin or uneven skin tone. Whatever the worry, Babor luxury skincare brand have you covered with its […]


Top New Age Party Makeup and Hairdo Ideas

Gone are the days when glamming up for any occasion or party involved the mere usage of the red lipstick or donning vintage Hollywood curls. In this 21st century, women have progressed and started experimenting much more with their hair and make-up to constantly reinvent their looks. This change is pretty obvious considering difference between […]


Must Have Skin and Hair Care Products During Monsoons

Monsoon is undoubtedly the season of fun and freshness as it brings a relief from the scorching summers. However, with the changing weather, it is important to change your skin and hair care routine. This is because often, the damp and humid weather associated with the monsoons takes a toll on your skin and hair […]


Monsoon Hair Care

Every change of season throws up a new challenge for the hair. This is especially the case during the monsoons when the warm and humid environment leads to different hair problems like fizziness, oily scalp with frizzy lengths and completely oily and sticky tresses. What’s even worse is that certain scalp conditions, like fungal and […]


SP Intense Keratin Restore Treatment

Due to the constant exposure to air pollutants and with the stresses and rigorous of everyday styling, hair has a normal tendency to dehydrate. Once the hair loses its moisture, it becomes dull and loses volume appearing flat and heavy. This lack of moisture also makes the hair more prone to damage and split ends. […]


My New Look, My New Personality

Don’t be afraid to totally revamp yourself this summer because reinventing one’s style is always exciting and will create a long lasting impression on people around you. Style is a very personal thing and hence there are no set rules or guidelines to follow. Each person has their own taste, preferences and flair. However, often, […]


Is my face ready to take on the pollution?

We are all aware of the many damaging effects that UV rays have on our skin, but have you ever thought of what pollution can do to our face and complexion? With high levels of pollution in the world these days, it is not surprising to find that the term “anti-pollution” is the most discussed […]


Colour Your Personality

Eager to experiment with different hair colours that match your personality? Then you have landed at the right place. Research has indicated that your hair colour can say many things about your nature and what kind of a person you are. For instance, we often look at people with bold hair colours and highlights like […]


A soulful indulgence- Spa remedies

Have you been craving for some luxurious pampering, healing and rejuvenating experiences lately? If this is the case, then get ready to treat yourself to some refreshing and invigorating treatments which will directly put you in to a state of complete nirvana. With all the hustle and bustle associated in our chaotic lifestyles today, it […]


Clinical Treatments for Brides and Grooms – Hair

Taking care of our body and hair is a pre-requisite in today’s environment. With a wedding around the corner, most brides and grooms face a lot of stress and pressure. The rapidly changing lifestyles, erratic mood swings, bad diets and external factors such as the steadily rising levels of pollution in our overgrown cities, all take its toll […]


Enhance Yourself by Choosing the Right Hair Color!

  Hair color is no longer something that only teenagers try out on a whim or otherwise! Bodycraft Salon presents Color Me Hot – giving you the opportunity to color yourself hot this festive season! Our Colour Deck stylists help you pick out a hair color that adds bags more to your personality, all the while keeping […]


Personal Grooming and its Importance

Personal grooming is as important as your personality, because at Bodycraft, we believe that the one mirrors the other! Your hands and feet deserve to be pampered once in a while just to de-stress and give them the attention they need. With our specialty personal grooming services, looking fabulous has never been easier. If you […]


Pre-Bridal Skin and Body Care Treatments

Calling all Brides to be!!- Get ready for some magnificent indulgence and pampering of your skin for a perfect Bridal glow on your Wedding Day. Bodycraft Spa and Salon presents some vital Skin & Hair Treatments that brides to be could benefit from!