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When You Think Spa, Think Bodycraft – For Everyone Who Needs A Little Pampering


When I say pamper yourself, I do not mean retail therapy or dive into a tub of chocolates. After a long week at work, you must be quite exhausted, and I’m sure the weekend does not really give you enough rest to destress. When was the last time you hit the spa? You mark one day a month to pamper yourself, but is that really enough? Instead of flopping on the couch or catching up on sleep, I head straight to Bodycraft on those stressful days for a few hours of much-needed pampering. After all, what better way to indulge, pamper and treat yourself regularly, and still be healthy, happy and beautiful?


I never really noticed doing it until recently. When things get extremely exhausting, I have this habit of going in for a haircut. A change of style always made me feel several kilos lighter. It feels like the burden has been lifted. If you really scrutinize this, any change is refreshing. So a makeover is probably what you need from time to time, to let go of the past and welcome the future with open arms and a huge smile.


Nobody could really style my hair differently given its frizzy and wavy texture. Only Bodycraft could work magic and make a real difference to a before and after shot. Does this picture speak loud enough?


More than the glow, a facial attracts me for the detox and relaxing effect. When I feel those deep strokes on my skin, it simply melts the stress away. Although I have always opted for Senskin Facial, I recently had the opportunity to try the Oxygen Facial. It is great for an instant glow, and to open up your pores, especially for skin that is often exposed to dust and pollution. If your skin is looking dull and lifeless, the best thing you could do is bathe it in pure oxygen or pump it with active ingredients like hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, and peptides. It keeps your skin hydrated, and leaves a lasting glow. You don’t have to wait four days for the effect to show up.


Bonus Tip: Bodycraft customizes facials according to your skin type. So you get the best effect from each service. Oh! And it is a 90-minute session!


I often find the muscles around my neck and shoulder tense after a few days of staring at the laptop hours at a time. It is extremely painful, and NO! it does not go away with yoga or any other suggestion you have in mind.


Sometimes, a good massage is what everyone needs to loosen those tight knots. It works for the mind and soul as well. They say you carry the weight of the world on your shoulder (well, maybe not the world, but all your worries rest there). Feel them disappear after a 30-minute session at Bodycraft.


Here’s a secret I have never told anyone. I only go in for a facial once in a few months mostly because I never have the time and I’d rather just make it a spa day. So, when I am desperately in need of a quick fix, I opt for a peel. Thankfully, I heard of Bodycraft’s new offering – Party Peels. It is slightly stronger and more effective than the normal glycolic peels that I’m used to, but this is an experience that I would choose over any other.

Dr. Jefna first evaluated my skin type to see if it could handle the peel. Unfortunately, my skin had not recovered from an allergy and was quite dry at the time. She prescribed a very effective moisturizer called Epithelial from A-Derma, and a facewash from the same brand to accelerate the healing process. As soon as my skin felt normal, I returned to Bodycraft Skin Clinic for my peel.


A party peel is essentially a combination of acids in a paste form like you apply bleach at 25%v/v. It has a fruity aroma and irritates your skin slightly more than bleach. It will be applied all over your face and kept on for a few minutes depending on how your skin reacts to the peel or until it gives the desired effect. Like a detergent, all it does is react with the top layer of skin and dissolve dirt, dust, dead cells, and excess sebum, making way for the new layer of skin below to show in all its glow.

If you need a 15-minute fix before a party, a solution for a tan, or just refresh yourself without having to spend time on a facial, a party peel is your pal.

I could go on with my list, but that would keep you from hitting the spa. What are you waiting for? Book an appointment right now for your favorite service at the nearest Bodycraft Salon and Spa

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