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Many of you who follow me on Instagram stories know that I am into yoga. I’ve been practicing yoga since last three years. I practice yoga five times a week and head for a de-stressing body massage once in 15 days. This has changed me as a whole, the way I look at my body and the way my body looks after me.

Two weeks back on a bright sunny day I was invited by BodyCraft to experience their Spa, perks of my job… And I decided to try their ‘Stone Therapy’ and ‘Lemon & Green Tea body scrub’. This was my first time at BodyCraft spa and wellness. I have visited their salon but this was my first time at their spa. I visited their Indiranagar center. I was greeted well; the reception staff was friendly and professional. For me this was so good. In hospitality industry I expect people to be warm and welcoming; this makes me go back to them. The therapist was good in massage techniques and pressure points. The stones were heated just right. She knew her job! The stone therapy was so good, it eased me into a peaceful slumber. I felt so relaxed and fresh! The lemon & green tea body scrub was equally good. It was rejuvenating.

The ambience is upright. Rooms & shower are clean. Prices are competitive. Their spa locations are good, easily approachable. I would definitely recommend this center to those who lead stressed lives and also to those who want to pamper themselves.

FYI: Stone therapy is an ancient healing art which is a type of thermotherapy. This improves blood and lymphatic circulation, detoxifying the body relaxing you mentally and physically.

About BodyCraft:

Founded by Manjul Gupta in 1997, trained under Shahnaz Hussain. For more than two decades now Bodycraft is one of Bangalore’s leading and well known chain for styling, hair & skin care, personal grooming, nail bar and wellness. With 8 outlets in Bangalore, Bodycraft opened its newest outlet in JP Nagar.

Bodycraft offers pre-bridal and bridal packages. Another popular division of Bodycraft is Bodycraft Clinic for advanced skin & hair treatments. Few services offered in the clinic are laser hair stimulation, stem cell therapy, hair transplant, treatments for acne and pigmentation, Botox, chemical peels, derma roller and laser treatments. For appointments and list of services available check their website.




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