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SP Alchemy Hair Treatment Review – Bodycraft Salon


In the crazy, frenzied, always busy pace we’re used to, it can be easy to neglect your hair. I’ve been a little guilty of this lately, because of a very hectic past month, what with Diwali bringing lots of work to the table and lots to plan for the coming months, shoots, events and so much more. I recently had a chance to give my hair a much-needed rejuvenation with the SP Alchemy hair treatment for sensitive scalps. Read on to know more about the treatment that made my hair the subject of many compliments throughout the week after!

Bodycraft is a chain of salons and the outlet I went to for this review is in the heart of Koramangala, near Forum mall. As I stepped into the salon, I noticed how expansive it was compared to many of its counterparts. There are designated areas for spa treatments, women’s specialized treatments like facials, waxing and more, a salon area for hair and a separate cabin for treatments involving hair.


SP is one of the best names worldwide in quality haircare products, and so when I heard that the treatment was going to be based on products from their haircare range, I knew it would be up to the highest standards. The hair specialist who took care of me throughout the session was Joshu. If you follow me on Snapchat, you’d have seen me take you through every step with him if you don’t, follow me here!

The first step with hair treatments at Bodycraft is by doing a thorough assessment for the customer. As the treatment recommended to me was for the scalp, they started with a scalp assessment. This was done using a machine that was put along the surface of my scalp. I could see a lot of dryness as the images were projected on to the computer screen. The focus of the treatment became to get more hydration and treatment for the sensitivity of my scalp.


We began with a gentle hair wash using a shampoo from SP that would soothe and calm the scalp. The massage and warmth of the water felt totally invigorating. Post this, there was the Balance Scalp scalp hair treatment mask applied all over the scalp. This is to relieve irritation from itching due to dryness. Next the Smoothen mask which is infused with the goodness of avocado oil, hydrolized keratin and Pro Vitamin B5 to smoothen and manage damaged or unruly hair was applied. This was combined with the repair infusion designed to work with the mask for some extra TLC. My hair was then coiled into twists to let the mask seep in, followed by a relaxing head massage for about 10 minutes.

In order to make the treatment go more deeply into the scalp, it was then steamed with a towel. By this time a delicious sense of relaxation had set in and I was beginning to feel very refreshed. After my hair wash, the Balance SP lotion was applied to my scalp and roots to soothe irritation and also enrich the scalp to reduce hair loss.


Finally, the blow dry treatment was done after applying the Luxe Oil, a leave-in treatment with almond oil, argan oil and jojoba oil to make hair more smooth and manageable. The Sebastian Trilliant Thermal Protection and Sparkle Complex was the final treatment used to gently condition hair before it was blow-dried.


My hair felt brilliantly light, soft and smooth and my scalp too felt squeaky-clean after the treatment. Absolutely loved this hair treatment, and I’m hoping I can get this done a little more on the regular for my dryness. I’d highly recommend it if you’re going through issues like damage due to colouring, dryness or otherwise want to get a rejuvenating hair treatment.


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