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What do you suggest for hair fall?

There is no off-the-shelf recommendation I can make for hairfall control. It can be attributed to various reasons which can be internal and external. If the hairfall has persisted for a long period of time it’s best to consult your Dermatologist/Gynecologist and get some hormonal tests done and also tests for deficiencies of vital vitamins.
If however, it is a recent scenario it can be seasonal or maybe some changes in diet, weather, water, products etc. Its best you come and meet a professional and seek their guidance towards the best options available on the basis of a proper scalp diagnosis.

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Swati Gupta, a well-known name in the beauty and hair care industry, heads the Creative Development at Bodycraft Spa and Salon. For over 10 years now, Swati has been making waves in the beauty care scene with her meticulous attention to detail and her professionalism. She has trained with reputed national names like Marvie Ann Beck as well as international institutions such as Greasepaint Academy, London and is therefore a certified makeup artist with an innate sense of style, creativity and an eye for beauty. Swati’s extraordinary achievements are a reflection of her commitment and dedication to continual education. Through her knowledge about new products and service areas, she strives to stay at the forefront of the field.

Over the years, Swati has influenced and inspired the beauty and bridal worlds through her work with people from different walks of life. She is passionate about creating a customized look that empowers women to exude self-confidence. She brings with her invaluable international styling experience, along with a great understanding of the aesthetics of beauty. She works with the personality of each client and is lauded for her innovative cutting techniques for both men and women.

In the bridal section, her boutique and personalized services has allowed her to create hundreds of beautiful brides. She chooses to keep her forte towards bridal work mainly for the satisfaction of ensuring that each bride looks and feels beautiful on her special day.

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