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Babor Fluids FP ‘Crash’ Treatment Review


Thinking it’s time to take care of your skin more seriously? For most, it is sparkled by a sudden skin concern like the first time you noticed fine lines on your skin or maybe, you are experiencing blemished skin or uneven skin tone. Whatever the worry, Babor luxury skincare brand have you covered with its range of Fluid FP products specifically designed to meet individual skin-care needs.babor

Encompassed with a striking composition of highly concentrated natural ingredients in a sealed glass ampoule, Babor’s Fluid FP makes a stunning entry in to the Indian market. This professional skincare brand from Germany offers effective solutions for common skin problems such as dryness, dullness and visible signs of aging. In fact, with the two possible ‘crash treatments’ offered by Bodycraft Spa & Salon using Babor’s Fluid FP products, the results are almost instantaneous. Babor’s philosophy is to provide the purest form of Fluids FP for their customers: which is why they have designed unique single use ampules made of practical packaging material for the specific concentrates of the product.

Product Description

The Babor Fluids FP range comprises a high dose of active ingredients which are specifically designed to suit different skin types and skin conditions. With the brand’s range of Fluid FP treatment, you can be assured of the fact that you will get the highest possible degree of effective results in the shortest period. Babor’s Fluid FP range consists of nine signature fluids which can be used as per your requirement. These moisturizing fluids must be applied in quick successions massaged in to your skin, after which their blend of active ingredients optimally hydrate the skin allowing it to soak in all the naturally active ingredients.

The Babor’s Fluids FP range come in four specifically personalized classifications:

Moist and Lipid – This is designed to moisturize and build up the skin barrier for soft and supple effect.

Anti-Ageing – A fluid composition to support elasticity and radiance and consequently reduce wrinkles

Pure – This product helps to combat blemished skin and uneven skin tone.

Sensitive – This product can be used to calm sensitive skin and enhance the skin’s natural radiance.babor_pure3

Suitable for: The exclusiveness of this range of products lies in the fact that just about anybody can use them according to their specific skin requirements – dry skin, sensitive skin or even a particular skin condition. The different Fluid FP ampoules have ingredients according to the four classifications, which allow customers to make an easy and convenient choice. The different Fluids FP products available to Bodycraft Spa & Salon’s professional aestheticians allow them to create a cocktail that is specifically designed to meet individual skin-care needs. These personalized cocktails saturate the skin, leaving it instantly softer and supple.

Ingredients: The innovative Lipid Repair Complex formulated with ceramides, white lupin and plantain are blended to effectively regenerate the lipid matrix and restore the skin’s protective barrier. This unique formula of naturally active ingredients regulates the skin’s natural oils and maintains the moisture balance.

Overall Feedback: These luxuriously attractive Babor Fluids FP products can help you to completely transform your skin leaving your skin looking perfectly fresh and refined. In contradiction to other skincare products, this crash treatment will allow you to witness almost immediate effects by strengthening your skin’s resistance to external influences. Any woman will feel the luxurious pampering resulting in smooth and supple skin. After all, your skin requires the royal treatment it deserves and Babor’s Fluids FP provide the finest range of products to make sure you feel like a queen.

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