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Monsoon Hair Care


Every change of season throws up a new challenge for the hair. This is especially the case during the monsoons when the warm and humid environment leads to different hair problems like fizziness, oily scalp with frizzy lengths and completely oily and sticky tresses. What’s even worse is that certain scalp conditions, like fungal and bacterial infections and eczemas, become more prevalent during the monsoons. Hence, it is extremely vital to follow a regular hair care routine to keep hair fall in monsoon and other hair problems at bay. So, this rainy season, follow a specialized hair care regime for your hair along with the help of specialists at the Bodycraft Spa & Salon.

Just keep these points in mind and say goodbye to bad hair days in the monsoon:

  1. During the monsoons, styling products comes as a saviour to help you tame unruly hair giving your tresses a smoother finish. Products like the Sebastian Whipped cream, thickefy foam or Potion 9 can be used to tame unruly hair and give your tresses a smoother finish during the monsoons. However, it should be ensured that these products are applied only along the length of the hair and not on the scalp.
  1. A common complaint during the monsoon being fizziness, a good serum or wave building product such as the Sebastian Taming Elixir or Liquid Gloss can be used to keep moisture intact, keeping your locks lovely. A light-weight serum can be used on dry hair to manage fly-aways and keep strands straight. It can also be used in damp hair to help it dry straight and frizz-free.image 2
  2.  To prevent your hair catching the monsoon frizz, ensure that you regularly oil your hair and leave it for an hour or so before taking a shower. A rejuvenating hot oil massage is one of the best remedies which ever existed, especially for the rainy season. However, remember not to oil your hair and leave it for a longer duration as it can attract dust and grime leading to dandruff. You can also make use of the SP LuxeOil Reconstructive Elixir which helps to protect the hair from drying out giving it additional shone and making it frizz-free.
  1. Make sure that your hair is covered when you step out of the house. Getting your hair wet in the rain will weaken the hair bonds and make it dull and limp. Moreover, rainwater is not very pure anymore and this might lead to build-up of infections in your scalp. So, cover your hair with a scarf or tie it into a ponytail to avoid the rain.
  1. Wash your hair often because this ensures that you get rid of the pollutants and impurities from the atmosphere. In case your hair gets wet, ensure that you wash it thoroughly with a mild cleanser and use a conditioner thereafter. This will help to prevent germ infection on your scalp and check hair fall during the monsoon. However, don’t just buy products off the shelf and select only the ones that suit your hair type. For dandruff scalp, you can make use of the Sebastian Clear Scalp Shampoo only after consultation with our specialists at Bodycraft Spa & Salon. For those of you who have itchy and sensitive scalp, the SP Balance Scalp Shampoo will help to manage your hair during the monsoons.
  1. Get rid of hair fall by trying some hair spa treatments that enhance and revitalize your hair. We have the advanced serum treatment at Bodycraft Spa & Salon which is especially designed to reduce hair fall or our Vinyl Shine treatment that helps to quench dry, frizzled hair for unparalleled shine.
  1. Remember what you see outside is the exact reflection of the inside so make sure you opt for a well-balanced diet to keep yourself healthy internally too. Fresh fruits and salads can do wonders in maintaining healthy hair due to their calcium rich content and other nutrition factors.
  1. Avoid hot hair treatments such as perming and styling in this season. Treatments such as severe blast drying should be avoided as it will add to dryness and make your hair more frizzy. Combined with the wet weather, such heat treatments weaken the hair shafts and promote split ends and hair breakage.
  1. When going for a haircut, select a practical style that doesn’t require much maintenance. It is advisable to style your hair keeping in mind that monsoon can lead to an increase in frizziness. You can also consult the stylists at our spa and salon to help you select a style that suits you.image 9

Don’t let your luscious mane lose the battle against the horrid rains this monsoon. Instead, flaunt them and enjoy the amazing monsoons without any worries. You can also consult our professional hair stylists and experts at Bodycraft Spa & Salon for a wide range of treatments which are suitable for this particular season. So, stop fretting and enjoy the pleasant monsoons with a cup of coffee in your hand!

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