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SP Intense Keratin Restore Treatment


Due to the constant exposure to air pollutants and with the stresses and rigorous of everyday styling, hair has a normal tendency to dehydrate. Once the hair loses its moisture, it becomes dull and loses volume appearing flat and heavy. This lack of moisture also makes the hair more prone to damage and split ends.

However, by taking the right approach, you can restore moisture to your hair to maintain healthy and well-hydrated locks. To help you achieve this, System Professional (SP) from Wella has introduced a 60 minute oil-infused indulgence treatment called the SP Intense Keratin Restore Treatment to provide deep-restoring and light-weight effect on your hair. We take special care at Bodycraft Spa & Salon, to take you through the process to help you transform your hair from inside out.mf_wella-sp_luxe-oil_pic-720x244

During this treatment process, your hair goes through a complete regimen for keratin care and protection. There are four products that we essentially use in this treatment:

  • Reconstructive Elixir - The SP LuxeOil Reconstructive Elixir is luxurious hair oil that protects the hair keratin and provides light weight long lasting smoothness. Enriched with Argan, Jojoba and Almond oils, it infuses into the hair structure to transform it from inside out and protect the Keratin, leaving instant and long-lasting smoothness. The Elixir protects the hair from drying out and gives additional shine.
  • Keratin Protect Shampoo – Experience light weight and luxurious cleansing which sets the foundation and provides shine and keratin protection to your hair. The Keratin Protect Shampoo will start your transformation by helping to protect your luscious locks and will leave your hair luxuriously clean and healthy looking.
  • Keratin Restore Mask – A hair mask that immediately reconstructs your hair fibres to improve your hair texture and leave it soft to touch. Infused with various luxurious oils and a special combination of light weight polymers, the restore mask helps to make your hair light and smooth.
  • Keratin Boost Essence – This product infuses into your hair to strengthen keratin leaving your hair smooth and moisturised. It is a leave-in serum treatment, which instantly aligns hair fibers and builds resistance for weak hair with selected amino acids.

Advantages Of Hair Spa

Healthy hair is a direct reflection of inner health. In an age where pollution and chemicals are causing havoc to your hair, a great way to restore its natural vitality is with the help of hair spa treatments. A treatment process with the SP Intense Keratin Restore products can not only help to rejuvenate your hair but also conditions the scalp, circulates blood and gives relaxation. Further, by combining with other treatments in SP (after scalp diagnosis), the procedure will give you a complete scalp to length benefit.

Some of the many advantages of a hair spa treatment includes:

  • Strengthens hair follicles and nourishes the hair
  • Highly beneficial for people suffering from dandruff
  • Promotes relaxation, reduced stress levels and thereby facilitates re-growth of hair
  • Hair spa treatments helps to improve blood circulation and normalizes the oil secretion in the scalp. As a result, the hair get hydrated properly and regains its shine.
  • Such treatments help to rid the hair of dust and other pollutants thereby conditioning the hair. With each treatment, there will be significant reduction in damaged hair, split ends and such other hair conditions.010_Beauty-recipes-Kira-Cost-Luxe-Oil-Line-from-System-Professional

Suitable for all hair types, this restorative treatment is a light and non-greasy way to instantly improve your hair texture. The SP range of products also helps in protecting, smoothing and softening to leave your hair nourished and hydrated. The formula with a fusion of reconstructive ingredients provides Keratin protection and helps to strengthen the hair from the inside out. Though oil massage is the usually preferred practice to restore your hair, this particular treatment combines four oils to give four times smoother and shinier hair. So forget hunting for natural remedies, buying hair masks or spending needlessly on other products; simply rush to your nearest Bodycraft Spa & Salon for a personalized restorative experience for your hair.

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