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Enhance Yourself by Choosing the Right Hair Color!



Hair color is no longer something that only teenagers try out on a whim or otherwise! Bodycraft Salon presents Color Me Hot – giving you the opportunity to color yourself hot this festive season!Multi-tone-dark-hair-color

Our Colour Deck stylists help you pick out a hair color that adds bags more to your personality, all the while keeping in mind your physicality, style, age, complexion and most importantly, your profession. If you want something bold and vibrant or something chic and understated, just tell our experts and they’ll give you a stunning makeover! Hair color has become a necessity today for that extra oomph.

It’s very important to choose experts who know global trends and the truth about color. Our color specialists have trained with Wella, the industry’s best, to give you that sophisticated and cutting-edge look. Contrary to urban myths, hair color gives your hair more life and makes them bouncy and shiny! Since we supervise all our customers and use nothing but the best products, it is absolutely safe. Having partnered with Wella, we strongly believe in hair protection more than the minor annoyance of hair color odor. We do not make use of hair colors that contain MEA, a common substitute for ammonia in hair colors, since they can cause more damage to your hair in the name of being ‘ammonia-free’.

Now you can also make use of advanced software that helps you simulate your image with over 1,000 combinations of the cuts and colors you choose. What’s more, you can even project make-up effects onto this image to see how well your hair color works for you! Thanks to this innovative technology, you have the opportunity to savour the entire experience and make sure you get it right even before you step into your booth!

What you can Choose:

Global colors – These include rich and chocolate browns, burgundy, copper and mahogany that are ideally suited for an Indian skin tone. They are classy and give you an even tone, covering those pesky greys and reflecting just a subtle hint of color. If you want to try something more out there, we also have bold global colors that are radically vibrant.

Color flashes – Instead of coloring your whole crown in a single hue, color flashes, as the name suggests, adds spunk with just a few strands of color here and there. One of our more popular styles is a trendy fringe in red with black tresses trailing behind for an avant-garde look.

Ombre – This unique technique reflects hair color that steadily fades from dark to light. For an understated and not-so-overt look, we recommend sober colors, but if you want something more adventurous in spirit, you can try color contrasts that give you all the pizzazz. The classic ombre look is a blend of color that moves from caramel to platinum blonde. The contrast ombre look showcases black tresses plunging into a tight-tonged red!

Highlights – The most sought after of coloring techniques, highlights give you 3D color and shine lines that use multiple, yet complimentary shades to give your hair that natural, multi-dimensional look you’ve always craved for! When you step out into the sunlight, your hair will reveal subtle hints of nuanced color, giving you a beautifully sophisticated look. One of our highlights combines hues of caramel, auburn and honey that go on to accentuate a striking blonde hair color.

Visit our salon this winter season and give your hair a vibrant makeover like never before and get ready for heads to turn your way!

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