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Clinical Treatments for Brides and Grooms – Hair


Taking care of our body and hair is a pre-requisite in today’s environment. With a wedding around the corner, most brides and grooms face a lot of stress and pressure. The rapidly changing lifestyles, erratic mood swings, bad diets and external factors such as the steadily rising levels of pollution in our overgrown cities, all take its toll on our hair.

Bodycraft Clinic Skin & Cosmetology brings to you a range of clinically-tested and FDA-approved hair care treatments.

Dr. Mikky Singh, one of the senior doctors addresses key hair loss issues faced by brides and grooms today.


Q: Why would you specially recommend clinical hair treatments as opposed to home remedies or normal parlour treatments?

A: A lot of young men and women these days seem to start losing hair far earlier than usual and this becomes a cause for worry. Sometimes, with severe cases of hair loss or alopecia, it becomes imperative to get it medically treated. Hair loss problems can also cause deep emotional and psychological trauma in individuals. Clinical treatments are medically tested and aid in hair growth far faster than home remedies or other parlour treatments. Like everything else, this too is a specialization with its own benefits. If a bride or a groom wants fairly quick and visible results before the wedding, we have treatments that will bolster hair growth and give you a proud mane of hair you’ve always dreamed of!

Q: What are some of the hair treatments that you offer?

A: Depending on the severity of the condition, we have short-term and long-term hair treatments that can be availed by brides and grooms. The short-term clinical treatments span over a few weeks and include laser hair stimulation and mesotherapy.

Low-light lasers are non-surgical treatments that help to combat hair loss and aid in hair restoration. Along with these laser treatments, we combine other proven hair loss products to achieve the desired results.

Mesotherapy is ideally suited for those brides and grooms who are sceptical about lasers or other long-term treatments. Mesotherapy nurtures hair growth through the use of medicines and supplements like vitamins and others that naturally aid in hair re-growth. This treatment could take a few months before visible results are seen.

Q: What is the most popular clinical treatment for hair loss problems?

A: A rapidly growing form of advanced treatment that is also popular, is the PRP. Platelet rich plasma is injected into the scalp to help stimulate hair growth. This treatment should be undertaken a few months prior to the wedding.

Under extreme circumstances, we do have customers who opt for hair transplants. This form of treatment is usually considered to be the last resort. For a hair transplant there needs to be enough planning in advance. A hair transplant usually takes anywhere between 6-8 months for visible results.

Q: What else can a bride or groom do to ensure good and healthy hair?

A: A healthy lifestyle and exercising can go a long way in aiding and stimulating hair growth. This can include keeping a check on your diet and de-stressing from time to time to allow yourself and your body some breathing space. Good food and nutrition go a long way in keeping your hair healthy various vitamin and mineral deficiencies like vitamin d and iron can aggravate hair loss .

 Q: Most people prefer natural methods to clinical treatments and there is a lot of paranoia about the same. Are these treatments safe?

A: Our clinical treatments are FDA approved and there is absolutely nothing to get jittery about. We give our customers the best services with proven results that make them step out of our clinic as more confident individuals.

Visit our clinic for your hair loss problems and we will provide you with viable solutions to look fabulous all the time. Say good-bye to hair loss today and get set for your dream wedding without a sigh or a fret!

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