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Pre-Bridal Skin and Body Care Treatments


Calling all Brides to be!!- Get ready for some magnificent indulgence and pampering of your skin for a perfect Bridal glow on your Wedding Day. Bodycraft Spa and Salon presents some vital Skin & Hair Treatments that brides to be could benefit from!

Skin treatment

Bodycraft customizes all skin treatment packages to the individual needs of the bride as each person has a unique skin type and character. It is an Absolute must to give your skin a special glow on your wedding day. The treatment should ideally be done two days before the occasion.
They offer a wide range of facials including Dermalogica revolutionary treatment, Pure Gold indulgence facial, Radiance facial, AINOHA treatment with natural ingredients. These help clear the skin and remove tan. These treatments are combined with lightening packs which improve the complexion and give you glow effect.

A minimum of 4 sittings are advisable.

Under Eye Treatment

Firming for the eyes is recommended which revives tired eyes with a cooling treatment and instantly reduces puffiness and lines. The skin around the eyes is very delicate and thinner than most other areas of the face and under eye dark circles are one of the worst nightmares for brides. Bodycraft offers effective treatments addressing these problems like ‘Ultrasonic Dark Circles Treatment’ and ‘O3 Under Eye Treatment’.

A minimum of 4-6 sittings would be required.

Acne-prone skin:

Treatments for acne vary from laser treatments to advanced clean-ups to treatment oriented facials. The latest techniques available to treat acne scars are non invasive lasers to rebuild and rejuvenate skin which can remove the scarred skin, leaving it smoother and clear.

Treatments for acne vary from laser therapy to advanced clean-ups to treatment oriented facials. For severe acne or scarring related skin problems we recommend clients to come for treatment 3 to 4 months in advance. All Dermalogica treatments are based on Face Mapping Analysis which helps to identify different skin problems. Ainoha uses vegetal components and highly concentrated active ingredients that protect skin from environmental aggression, stress and ageing.

Body Treatment

Weddings can be stressful. Our special body treatments ensure you relaxed, fresh and ready for the big day. We provide a wide range of body massage therapies, spas, body scrubs, soaks, wraps as we believe Skin Care alone is not enough to maintain a resplendent glow and defy ageing, inner happiness is equally important for sustained outer beauty. Body spa helps to make your body beautiful and unwind the mind.

One can choose 2 to 3 different treatments after consulting our experts who can address the concern areas. These could start 3 months before the wedding. One can go for 1 treatment a month followed by 2 fortnightly treatments on the last month. These could start with Almond oil Massage, Herbal body pack or a Milk body polishing.

This can be followed by an indulgent Wine Therapy, Calendula and Soya bean tan removal treatment, Hanakasumi treatment or Pure gold indulgence body spa treatment.

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